“Ooh! She is the god daughter of the oracle”, “Jeez! What a pity he’s a cripple”. These and many more similar expressions show either what people think about people living with disability, or what their attitudes are towards them. I’ve read lot of books and article that discussed the issue of disabilities. For instance, the book – Elements of Special Education by Peter A. Eyanro – says that generally, most people simply sympathize and pity the disabled. Others discriminate against them everywhere. Some people even treat them with contempt as if the disabled have some sorts of contagious diseases.
This was the case of one Mr. Emogbare who fell down and just could not walk again. What happened to him?
It was polio – myelitis that struck him down. When he eventually overcame the initial depression and shame he wanted to join his friends at play, the friends rejected him. They would not have him with them on the play ground. They just believed he did not belong to them anymore, because of his disability. He was treated by his friends as if he had a contagious disease.
Majority of people in the society do not appreciate the fate of the disabled people. This is because many people do not appreciate in themselves the gifts freely given to them by God. Such as the gifts of sight, limbs, speech, smell etc, and that is why most people therefore, margnalise the physically challenged people, despite efforts made to succeed in life, they are not in most cases rewarded with motivation or encouragement by the society.
Rather, in most cases, people merely pity and sympathize with them. However, not every disabled person wants to be pitied. They prefer empathy – the ability to share someone’s feelings or experiences by imagining what it would be like to be in their situation – rather than being pitied.
Not only that, some disabled people believe that everyone has problems and it is the way one handles them that make one overcome the problems or make the problem to overcome the person. Some of them also believe that in every disability, there is ability. As a result of this kind of philosophy, there are many disabled Nigerians today who have turned their disabilities to stars.
The force or factors that propelled them are courage, determination, hard work and positive self concept.
Where many have reclined and resigned into a life of beggary and hopelessness, some have become international figures. They have proved to all that truly, there is “ability in disability.”
Are you a person living with one form of disability or the other? Do you feel that it is the end of the world? Or perhaps you have a dream but do not know how to exploit the factors that will make you achieve those dreams? If you have these questions and many more related questions, please endeavor to always visit this blog for frequently updated motivational talks and experiences from people who have turned their disability into the envy of all.
…May you mount and soar like an Eagle


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  2. Olarewaju oladosu

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